Hardcore Training With Punch Bags

In my opinion boxing training is one of the best forms of exercise you can do for getting in fantastic condition. Therefore a boxing punching bag is a great investment in your health and well being. However with so many various shapes, sizes and weights of punching bags to choose from it can get a little confusing on what to buy. Here then is few points to consider before you make your selection.


What sort of Workout do you like?

If you are looking for a boxing punching bag that you can really pelt and that provides you with a fluid workout to build up stamina and strength then a hanging heavy boxing bag may be your ideal choice.

For those of you looking to incorporate kicks as well as punches into your routine then a standing heavy bag is a good choice. Because they are weighted at the bottom they don’t move around and therefor allow you to kick consistently without having to reset the bag.
Big or Small Puncher?

Another consideration that will affect your choice when choosing a heavy boxing bag is your size and just how hard or how light a hitter you are. A small light hitter may want to choose a heavy boxing bag that is about 40 or 50 pounds. A medium size hitter might want to choose a bag that is around 70 pounds while a largely built hard hitter will definitely want a 100 pound bag. There are some heavy boxing bags that you can fill yourself which means that you can adjust the weight to suit your specific needs.


Space and Price

When deciding to get a boxing punching bag stand for your home just make certain that the area you choose has enough room. Ideally you need to be able to walk completely around the bag or least from side to side. If space inside the home is tight then remember you can get bags that are suitable for external use. Also please note that you will be making quite a bit of noise so try and situate yourself away from any areas where you could be disturbing people.
For most people the cost of the heavy boxing bag is an important consideration. Hanging heavy boxing bags run from about $75.00 to over $200.00 but need special hardware to hang which may add to the cost. Standing heavy boxing bags run around $200.00 and up. For those wanting to fill their own bag you can purchase empty bags starting at about $29.00 of course you will still have to purchase the hardware and possibly the filling for the bag as well which generally consists of rags and small bags of sand.

Boxing is an exciting and stimulating workout that will reward you with many benefits. Just make sure that the boxing punching bag you choose allows you to perform, progress and stay motivated.